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Emmett Photographs

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Historic Emmett Alley Signs, courtesy of Madonna Colburn. Thank you for sharing! See discussion on Preserving Emmett's History facebook group
Historic Emmett Main Street signs, courtesy of Madonna Colburn. Thank you for sharing!
E. E. Hunt, store and residence, courtesy of Art Beal. Thank you for sharing!
Burdge Mill Grist Stones
Emmettsville revised plat, 24 February 1900
Thunder Mountain Stages

Montour Photographs

From Library of Congress - (click for larger image)

Plowman Sawmill, North bank of Payette River

Joe Amos Barn

Pugh Elevator, Mill & Warehouse

Farmers' & Stockgrowers' Bank, Broadway & Main Streets, Montour

Methodist Episcopal Church of Montour,
East side of South Walnut Street, Montour

Montour School, East Side
More at Library of Congress

Ola Photographs

Ola Church

Ola Self-help cooperative (Farm Security Administration)
From Library of Congress - (click for larger image)

Entering Ola. Voting farmers in Squaw Creek Valley number 185, town population about 30. - Lange, Dorothea, photographer, Created/Published 1939 Oct

Former saloon and stagecoach tavern which is the temporary home of a member of the Ola self help sawmill co-op. photo by Dorothea Lange

Road going up Squaw Creek Valley, leaving Ola. Fence was built in 1890 - photo by Dorothea Lange; 1939 Oct.

"The Thunder Mountain gold rush went over this road. They had to use thirty-five horses to get some of the equipment over." Dorothea Lange photo, Oct. 1939

A sign on the road points to a sawmill and farms of members of the Ola self-help cooperative: L.H. Nelson, Chas. Carlock, Mary Carlock & sons, W.H. Canaday, Carl Canaday, Roy Carlock, Claude Canaday, Chas. Canaday, R. T. Nau & son

School attended by children of members of Ola self-help sawmill co-op (Gross School)
More at Library of Congress

Pearl Photographs

Book 1, page 33 map showing old Boise/Canyon county line and Westview Mining District (Pearl). The map was filed in Canyon County Oct. 27, 1897, at 3 PM and certified Nov. 11, 1915 when we became Gem County. (Thanks to John Henderson for verifying the dates!)
Pearl 1902
Reconstructed Map of Pearl 1902
Pearl Class 1909, Commencement Program

Sweet Photographs

Ballantine Wool Wagons at Sweet water trough
Sweet Methodist Church with history by Kennie Klingback
Sweet School, c. 1900
Sweet Street scene
Sweet -- Talley Store & Woody Hotel, after 1909

War Memorials

WWI, Korean & Vietnam War Memorial at tank in front of courthouse
WWII Memorial at tank in front of courthouse


Ted Carr Stage from Emmett to Ola and Cascade, courtesy of Art Beal. Thank you for sharing!
John "Jack" Coggburn Squaw Creek homesteader
William Cramer, Pine Creek homesteader
William Cramer's daughters about 1940: Ruth Gross, Isabell Walker, Annie Gross, Robert Zuella Whitlock, Vernie Paddock
Gustav (Jr), Hester and Frank Gross, circa 1910's.
William and Catherine Woody, builder of Woody Hotel, Sweet
Wesley, Dewey and Emmett Woody

Thompson Family Photos (Ola area Homesteaders), shared by Wes Bell, Thompson Family Researcher, October 2011 - Thanks Wes, for sharing!
Charles W. Thompson, Squaw Creek Homesteader
Henryette Maybelle "Nettie-Mae", 1896
Charles William, wife Isabelle, daughter Nettie Mae, 1897
Charles Harvey, 1900
Charles Harvey and Nettie, 1905
Jack Knife School Students, 1906 (Jack Knife School was roughly three miles south of Ola)
Isabelle and Charles H., 1911
Wheat Harvest on Squaw Creek Ranch, 1915

Squaw Creek Valley, looking east

Looking east across Squaw Creek Valley, from approximate location of Thompson Homestead


Triangle Service Station, 1938
Gem Creamery Company, circa 1950

Other Photographs

Historical Markers
Shropshire Homestead ("backside of Butte")

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