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Bramwell Cemetery - Find A Grave Website
Bramwell Cemetery - USGenWeb Archives, 2005 transcription
West of Emmett on Highway 52 about six miles, then south on Bowman Road, then west on S Slope about mile. (well-signed)

"Bramwell Cemetery had its beginnings in 1907. A smallpox epidemic took the life of a young mother, Elenor Ann Nelson Thornock. Her husband was quarantined to his home so Elenor's parents buried her on a gently rising hill not too far away without a funeral. After gaining his health, Mr. Thornock petitioned the city council members in Emmett to set the tract aside for use as a cemetery for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint members. In 1908 President Calvin Coolidge deeded the land to the church. It remains property of the LDS Church to this day. It needs to be emphasized that one need not be a member of the church to be interred there." -- USgenweb archives introduction

Veterans buried at Bramwell Cemetery

Veterans Buried in Emmett-Riverside Cemetery

Emmett Cemetery/Riverside Cemetery (formerly Martinville Cemetery) - Find A Grave Website
    North of Emmett, on Emmett Bench, on west side of North Washington Ave./Hwy 52
    (moved to present location in 1903)

City Hall has records all the burials for Emmett-Riverside Cemetery. The sexton at the cemetery has the same info. City Hall is open from 8-5. The sexton is at the cemetery from 8:30-4:40, and takes his lunch from 12-12:30. (phone 208-365-6053) The Gem County Museum also has a copy of the city's files.

Ola Cemetery, November 2009 transcription
Ola Cemetery - Find A Grave Website
Ola Cemetery - USGenWeb Archives, 1994 & 2007 transcriptions

Pearl Cemetery
on private property, west of old Pearl townsite
Pearl Cemetery Find a Grave Website
Pearl Cemetery - USGenWeb Archives

Sweet-Montour Cemetery, October 2009 transcription
On Sweet-Ola Hwy, about a mile north of the "Triangle" junction with Hwy. 52 & about 2 miles south of Sweet
Sweet-Montour Cemetery - Find a Grave Website

Brownlee Cemetery (east of Sweet, in Boise County)
at Find a Grave website

Walker Cemetery aka Big Flat cemetery; on Anderson Walker homestead (private property), Big Flat Rd, Washington County

Bertie Watson burial
    Clyde Yergeson Farm
    1.5m south of Sweet

Floye Reed grave
    Reed Ranch

Lee & Virginia Garfield graves
    Garfield Ranch
    overlooking Payette River

County Coroner, c/o of Potter Funeral Chapel, 228 E Main St, Emmett, ID 83617
The Family History Center's collection includes mortuary records from Potter's Funeral Home on microfilm (1910-1956, some to 1983) as well as the three-volume local obituary collection compiled by Edith Scott and others. It is located at 980 W Central Road, Emmett, ID 83617 (entrance on west side of building)

County Clerk

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