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Bramwell Cemetery - Veterans

Bramwell Cemetery is west of Emmett. A sign at Highway 52 and Bowman Road directs a person south to South Slope Road. It's then west about half a mile. Bramwell Cemetery begin in 1907. In 1908 President Calvin Coolidge deeded the land to the LDS church and it remains property of the LDS Church to this day, although one need not be a member of the church to be interred there.

History of Government furnished markers

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Updated 23 January 2012

Adams, Franklin Doil March 4, 1922 Jan 13, 2012 US NAVY
Adams, Paul Lawrence 7-Jul-1948 30-Nov-2001 US Army Vietnam
Clayton, Nolan E. 14-Jul-1911 4-Jan-1993 US NAVY
Gulley, John Warren 16-Oct-1936 13-Oct-1999 US Air Forces
Hale, Alma A. 31 Jul 1891 4-Dec-1918 FOR DEMOCRACY; Died at Camp Morfe. Tex.
Harris, Marion Melbourne 22-Mar-1926 20-Jun-1996 CPL. US ARMY WWII
Harris, Steven S 10-Jun-1953 3-Sep-2000 Sgt US MARINE CORPS VIETNAM
Jackson, Charles E. 20 Jan 1896 25-May-1966 Montana SFC MTR Trans Corps WWI
Jordan, Charles Linden 24-Mar-1921 26-Mar-1983 US Navy WWII
Liechty, Grant H. 5-Jul-1909 24-Dec-1998 Sgt. U.S. Army WWII
Orton, Grant Giles 14-Jul-1921 25-Oct-1993 US ARMY, WORLD WAR II
Powell, Kenneth L. 8-Nov-1929 23-Jun-2000 Sgt U.S. Air Force
Rainey, Darrell Austin 9-Aug-1942 9-Sep-1997 SA US NAVY
Smith, Marvin Q. 24-Mar-1914 12-Feb-1993 US Army WWII
Standley, Gerry Lee 17-Apr-1946 21-Dec-2003 SSG US Army Vietnam
Stickler, Sharrell Eugene 6-Feb-1940 10-Dec-1994 US ARMY
Weekes, Blaine T 24-Apr-1948 21-Jul-1981 US ARMY
Winward, Mark Lyle 30-Jan-1923 27-Jul-2003 Tec 4 US Army World War II

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