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Biographies & Personal Histories Index

Crawford, Elisha and Christina Tuttle Crawford (includes period spent in Valley County)
Fox, Balaam - Civil War Veteran, Stage Driver
Fowler Family: Fred Fowler, Bonnie Alcorn Fowler, Parson Fowler
Fowler - Our Life on Squaw Butte by Vera Meree Fowler Schneider
Gross - Growing Up on Squaw Creek by Hester Gross MacAskill Woody
Little, Andy - & Little Mansion (off-site link)
   " Andrew Little's sheep ranch in Idaho was so famous that a letter addressed simply 'Andy Little, USA' found its intended recipient." - Ferenc Morton Szasz, "Scots In the North American West, 1790 - 1917"
MacAskills, from Nova Scotia to Pearl
McConnel, Roy C. and Alma Carlson McConnel
Newell, Emmett - Family Hero and Civilian POW**
Thompsons - The Descendants of Charles William Thompson   (includes period spent on Daggett Creek, Boise County)

** Note: There were at least three other Gem County men on the captured Morrison-Knudsen construction crew: Newells' one-time brother-on-law, Marvin Gross (obituary) and Gross' uncle Leroy Cramer. Leroy Cramer died on the hospital ship on the way home. He is buried at Ola. Bill Charters was also in that crew. For more information, see Wake Island on

Bios from Hawley's "History of Idaho, The Gem of the Mountains," Vols. II and III. The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. Chicago, 1920. On-line at google books and

Burkhard, George J.
Cruickshank, Alexander
Davies, John B.
Knox, Clayton Bane
Knox, Walter
Lathrop, Rev. Alonzo C.
McConnell, John R.
Riggs, Boise G.
Riggs, Hon. Henry Chiles Riggs
Womack, Isaac

There are many more Gem County entries in this book. Other familiar names include Alsagar, Cronk, Davison, Hartley, Kesgard, Kessler, Morehouse, McCrossin, McKay, Pugh, Werle, and Wilhelm, to name a few. If your ancestor was here in 1920, do check this resource at google books.

Family Group Sheet Index

Added April 2012, courtesy of Darlene Christison Mingus, Thanks for sharing! -
John Jackson (Frances Catherine Kesgard) Christison
Thomas J. (Margaret Griffiths Williams) Davies
George (Julia McAuliffe/McCullough) Gardner
James Andrew Kesgard (Kjaersgaard)
Christen Andersen Kjaersgaard, Kjersgaard
Elcanal L. (Sarah Ann Shroll) Knouse
Clayton Bane (Minnie Alice Knouse) Knox
Douglas Clayton (Margaret Griffiths Williams) Knox
Conrad Cornelius (Lavina Dollarhide) Mingus
Fletcher Earl (Minnie May Knox) Mingus


Veterans Buried at Bramwell
Veterans Buried at Emmett-Riverside Cemetery
(for veterans in Sweet and Ola Cemeteries, see inventories)

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