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Places:   Emmett     Sweet     Montour      Ola      Letha     Pearl Mining Camp


Langley's "Pacific Coast Business Directory 1876-78", listing Emmettsville and Falk's Store businesses
Historic Post Offices & Postmasters
Early Settlers Profiled in "The Village That Grew" by Ruth B. Lyon, 1979
Pearl 1902, Reconstructed Map
Pearl Documents, 1896-1902
First Gem County Officials, 1915
School Districts, map and locations
History of Butte School, Written by Meree Fowler (Schneider), 2 Oct 1919 for a school paper
Hawley's History of Gem County and Emmett, 1920
Award-winning 1930 Historical Essay, by high school student, Edith Whipple
Women Homesteaders
Historical Register & Century Farms

Newspaper Articles

When Col. Dewey bought the Caswells' Thunder Mountain claims (east present-day Valley Co.) in late 1900, the rush was on - much of it through present-day Gem County. Ads from "Thunder Mountain News," April 22, 1905, courtesy of Steven Harshfield - Thank you, Steve, for sharing!
    Boise & Pearl Stage, T. B. Walker, Prop.
    Millers, Ola & Miller's Store at Thunder City
    Plowman's, Montour
    Sults' Ola, Thunder City, Vanwyck Stage
    Taylor House, Sweet, W. Taylor & Sons, Props.
    see Valley County for the continuation.

Reading and References

Index to Mills' "All Along the River"

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Boise County Sentinel at Salmon Public Library, 1912 & 1916, published at Sweet; plus other publications
1904 Annual report of the mining industry of Idaho, by Robert Bell, Inspector of Mines, at google books (includes Pearl mining district)
History and Culture, Boise National Forest
Gem County Sheriffs (US genweb archives)
Pickett's Corral Idaho State Historical Society Reference Series, No. 253
Idaho State Historical Society Reference Series Index for more Idaho history
History news articles at the Messenger-Index
Art Hart's articles at the Idaho Statesman

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