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Mrs. G. W. McConnel (Mary Ellen)

Jan. 16, 1902, Index

Mrs. G. W. McConnel died at her home near Sweet Jan. 7, 1902, and, was taken to Parma, her former home, for interment. She was born in Blunt county, Tenn, forty- four years ago and was married to G W. McConnel when eighteen years old. She has lived in Idaho for more than twenty years. She was a woman of patience, ability and kindness, end although the mother of eight children she always remembered that their future lives depended upon early training and never failed in her duty In teaching them that the life of a christian is the only true and happy one. She was never too tired or too busy to speak a word of encouragement to her children.

At last her life being nobly lived, her work on earth complete, her frail body gave way and she crossed the dark, turbulent river into eternity, where, we hope she watches over those she left behind.

her survivors were her husband, George W.
sons John R. (b. 1876), Frank A. (b. 1882), Orville G. (b. 1885), Jesse L. (b. 1890), Leslie M. (b. 1892), Tedward O. (b. 1895) and Harold D. (b. 1901); and one daughter, Nellie (b. 1880). A daughter Flossie (b. 1894) preceded her in death.

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