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Luis "Louie" Gorrono (1919 - 2010)

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Luis Gorrono, 91, affectionately known as Louie, gallantly passed away Tuesday, July 27, 2010, at Walter Knox Memorial Hospital in Emmett, Idaho. Louie was born in Emmett on March 2, 1919, to Basque immigrants Bruno and Luisa Gorrono. He was the fourth of five children, which included brothers, George, Manuel (Mono) and Bruno Jaime (Jimmy) and sister, Anita Gorrono Boles.

He attended schools in Barber and Boise and graduated from Emmett High School. He enlisted in the Army Air Force in 1942, serving in the North Africa theatre and was discharged as a major. After leaving active duty, he resumed his classes at the University of Idaho and graduated magna cum laude with his juris doctor degree. He returned to Emmett to open his law practice in 1948, with a career that spanned over eight decades.

Louie married Marie McCarron of Warwick, R.I., in 1952; their son, Randy was born in 1953, and a second son, Bryan, died at birth in 1956.

Louie's civic accomplishments, memberships, participations, and awards have been many, and while too numerous to mention them all some include membership in the local American Legion unit for over 50 years; he was an inductee in the Emmett High School Hall of Fame; a deputy director of civil defense, and past Commander of the Emmett Air Force Ground Unit Wing, a unique group formed during the Cold War to help spot possible enemy air invasions. Lou was a long-time member of the Idaho State Bar; President of the Third District Bar Association; Gem County prosecuting attorney from 1951 through 1968; and city attorney for numerous years.

Louie is survived by his son, Randy, his sister, Anita Gorrono Boles, his niece, Rusti (Ken) Horton and nephews, George (Cindy), Larry (Hazel), Jim (Denise), Steve (Jody) and Jon Gorrono. He was also especially fond of Rusti's two children, Marie and Mike.

Services were held at Potter Funeral Chapel, Emmett, Idaho on Monday, Aug. 2, 2010, at 2 p.m., with Fr. Tom Faucher of St. Mary's Catholic Church, Boise officiating.

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