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Sharon McConnel,
Gem County Coordinator

Thomas Cramer ( - 1945)

Emmett Index, March 2, 1950

John Cramer of Gilchrist, Oregon, formerly of Ola and Emmett, stopped briefly in Emmett last week enroute home from St. Louis, Mo., where he had attended the re-interment services of Feb. 22, for his son, THOMAS CRAMER, who was killed in an airplane crash three days after his liberation from a Japanese prison camp in September 1945.

Survivors of the deceased man, besides his parents include two brothers, John Jr. [Jack], in Army service in Alaska; Arthur of Richmond, Calif., two sisters, Mrs. Violet Reinecker, of Sisters, Ore., and Mrs. Viola Uhlin of Seattle, Wash.

The remains of the crash victims were located a year later on an island off Japan and were shipped to the United States in December from China. Mass reburial services were held in St. Louis as the most central location for survivors to attend.

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