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Mining Accident At Pearl

George Caldwell Falls to His Death in the Lincoln Shaft -
Body Strikes Charles Larsen at the Bottom, Who Receives a Broken Leg -
Caldwell Killed Instantly - Leaves Wife and Three Children

Idaho Statesman, March 16, 1907, p. 6

PEARL, March 15 - George Caldwell met a terrible death today in the Lincoln mine at this place and Charles Larsen suffered a broken leg and had a miraculous escape from death at the same time. Caldwell was descending the shaft and fell from the bucket. He fell to the bottom, nearly 300 feet and was instantly killed. Caldwell's body struck Larsen who was working at the bottom, breaking one of Larsen's legs. Caldwell was terribly mangled and crushed, his head being mashed to a pulp, the features were unrecognizable. Deceased was about 35 years of age and had resided here for sometime and leaves a wife and three little children, all boys. An inquest is being held this evening. No arrangements have been made for the funeral.

Courtesy of Kennie Lynn Klingback, thanks for sharing! George was married to Dolly Fuller.

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